How to create a new school
Create your school in seconds on cloudnotte
School information setup
Once you are on this page, kindly fill in the information about your school. It doesnt take more than 1 Minute to finish this process.
Name of your school: (This will be the name of your school in full).
School phone number: (Please use only school phone number and not personal phone number).
School Email address: (Email address should be different from your Signup email for security purposes).
Country: (The country where the school is located in, if the school has branches in different countries, kindly use the Headquater as the country).
State: The state of which the school is in.
City: The city where the school is located.
School address: (School Address should be the accurate and detailed because of search engine visibility).
School Prefix: (School prefix is short name used to identify your school, and it will be used as your subdomain on Cloudnotte).
Note: School prefix should not be more than 12 characters long, so as to make it easier for people to visit your school.
Click on continue to proceed to school configuration.
School configuration setup
  • Select your school type. eg. if its a Private, public, unity, or any college.
  • School Curriculum.
  • School category.
  • School Motto.
Click on the finish Setup button to complete school Setup.
School setup completed
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